FS Essential Blocks
FS Essential Blocks

There are 4 plugins in one. This extension implements customized versions of the standard Search, Tags and Categories plugins with more options. In addition, there is a new plugin called 'Code Box' that allows you to insert HTML. They all allow you to change the location. A plugin inside a main plugin I nickname as subplugin.

  • Enable/Disable each subplugin and a sidebar link.
  • Add spaces before code, XHTML compatibility and supports external JavaScript (except CodeBox).
  • Change the location in the theme for all subplugins.
  • Show Categories and Tags as a Dropdown menu.
  • Code Box lets you use HTML in three locations of your theme.
Author: Fabiano Santos
  • Version 1.0.0
  • Last update 3 years ago
For more information or extra configurations, visit the developer's site.
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